Ebb and Flow Festival

Ebb and Flow Festival 2019

NUNU et des amis


Sunday, April 2, 2017

12:00PM – 1:55PM           La Table française d’Arnaudville with Mavis Arnaud Frugé

As always, The French Table with Mavis Arnaud Frugé begins with the Pledge of Allegiance en français.  After everyone’s introduction, discussion will be opened up regarding the topic of La Bourré, a very popular card game in French-speaking regions of Louisiana.  Handouts will be pass around for people to learn words specific to the activity of playing this game.



2:00PM – 2:30PM                                Le Coin lecture jeunesse with Rebecca Lanclos and Candide Wyble

Rebecca Lanclos representing NuNu's La Table jeunesse with readings from Candide Wyble and Devin Lanclos.  This children's read will consist of two Primary aged Français readings from the books, Le Singe et le Crocodile and 7 Souris Dans le Noir.  Children will enjoy an expressive reading by Candide Wyble with questions to be answered in both English and French after each reading.


2:35PM – 2:55PM                                Jonathan “feral opossum” Mayers, Artist and Writer

Louisiana Creole of Acadian descent and Baton Rouge native, Jonathan “feral opossum” Mayers, will present images and read texts from his latest body of work, L’Éparpillage, currently on display at Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans.  Mayers’ work, populated with haunting images of mysterious creatures in vivid environments, connects with experiences redolent of adventure through visual, textual, and sometimes tactile means.


3:00PM – 3:20PM                                O Mayeux, Artist and Poet

O Mayeux will be reading a selection of poems in Louisiana Creole, French and English. Many of these are from a collection he is currently working on which uses these languages to address Creoleness, language endangerment, identity and belonging in Louisiana; some others are taken from a recent collection which was generated by a computer program the artist designed to eat, digest and excrete all the poems he’s ever written.


3:25PM – 3:55M                                   Tanner Menard, Atakapa-Ishak Writer and Composer

Tanner Menard will be reading from a chapbook manuscript called TODAY N NOT JUST ANY BIRD which he has recently completed.  The reading will focus on issues of indigeneity, identity, queer spirituality and transcending generational trauma. The poems are abstract and lyric in an experimental 21st century voice.


4:00PM – 4:20PM                                Fabienne Kanor, Novelist and Filmmaker

Born in France of Martinican descent and author of several novels, Fabienne Kanor has been awarded the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture. Topics she deals with in her work include the burden of collective memory on individual identity formation, the male/female love hate saga, West African immigration in Europe, and the slave trade.  The extract Kanor will read comes from Humus, her second novel which deals with slavery - 14 African women who talk about their experiences with captivity.


Creative Placemaking:

4:25PM – 4:40PM

Creative Placemaking with Cultural Economy Initiative Program Manager, Gaye Hamilton, and NUNU Director, George Marks

George Marks will discuss how, through NUNU, they were able to adopt principles of the Creative Placemaking concept and leverage the power of arts, culture (in particular French) and creativity to serve in the best interest of Arnaudville and neighboring communities.


4:45PM – 5:00PM                                Semaine de la Francophonie with artist, Jill Hackney

Creative professionals in environmental sustainability, economic & social development, government, education and folk life traditions for presentations and discussions on creative placemaking congregate during the Semaine de la Francophonie Creative Placemaking Summit at NUNU. Jill Hackney will discuss how, through a series of mini-conferences, all participants can collectively explore how to measure, evaluate and communicate the impact of using arts and culture to build and transform a community.


5:05PM – 5:20PM                                Being Franco-Friendly with Director of Communications at CODOFIL, Carr Wilkerson

French Friendly Louisiane is an economic development program focused on leveraging Louisiana's Francophone businesses and culture for economic benefit by making Louisiana more attractive to Francophones worldwide.


5:25PM – 5:40PM                                Tee Tiny Houses with Founder and President, Cherie Hebert

These convenient and more affordable habitats will be the topic of discussion.  Tee Tiny Homes will be opening during the month of July in Arnaudville, bringing the idea of simple easy living to the region. As Cherie Hebert says, "The idea is you can live a lot easier with less mortgage, less stuff, more freedom and flexibility, so you can enjoy other things."


5:40PM – 6:00PM                                Questions Session