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I started the painting The Mighty Mississippi inspired by a painting of Spanish artist Antonio Lopez Garcia View of Madrid from the Vallecas Fire. The way he looked at the wide panoramic view of the city motivated me to do something similar. I started to focus on landscape paintings after my MFA from LSU.I choose landscape because I lost my studio after graduation. I had to find a way out to keep moving on with my painting journey, so I found the landscape as a solution. Additionally, turmoil in my personal life and the socio-political situation of this nation where, in my view, in crisis. The landscape paintings helped me to deduce some level of frustration from my life. I found peace in front of the natural view and I meditated to release my anxiety through my paintings. The landscape of the city is deeply connected in my life.

Lastly, I have been living in Baton Rouge for six years. In that time, the city has become my second home so I chose to research the history of our capital city, and make a statement about it in my work. Baton Rouge was established at the bank of the Mississippi river. There is a historic richness leads us from the establishment of the cotton industry to the way we see the present city, where the combination of city structures and industrial development shows how important the river and the nature is for our human civilization. From the narrative point of view the painting The Mighty Mississippi reflects the blessing of the Mississippi river in our lives.

Through this painting I meditated on issues facing us today like climate change, water and air pollution, and the like. The bridge is also a symbol of Baton Rouge city which shows as a connection between the two banks of the river.