Ebb and Flow Festival

Ebb and Flow Festival 2019

Cox children's corner

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12:00p-12:45p- Calliope Puppets- Voices of the Amazon

1:15p-1:45p- Artsplosion! Kids Camp presents Brazilian Folktales

2:00p-2:30p- Miss Trudy's Trunk Show

3:00p-3:45p- Calliope Puppets- Louisiana Folktales

3:45p- Line up for Parade



12:00p-12:45p- Clay Achee & The Junkyard Band

1:00p- Allstar Arts Academy- Dance Performance

1:30p-1:45p- BRCVPA Music Performance

1:50p-2:00p- BRCVPA Dance Performance

2:10p-2:25p- Winter Dance Company- LiTM 

2:45p-3:20p- Playtime with Playmakers of BR

3:30p-3:45p- Poetry Out Loud- Louisiana State Champion

4:00p-4:30p- Clay Achee & The Junkyard Band

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All Star Arts Academy

Sunday, 1:00PM

ArtStars is a group of youth who accepted the challenge to be fit, while using dance as a means of exercise & physical activity. These youths encouraged their families to join them in their efforts to make healthy strides and a program that started out petitioning youth, evolved into a family oriented program along the lines of a Mommy & Me. ArtStars present "Rio" a compilation of Brazilian themed movement, and music.

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BRCVPA- Dance Troupe

Sunday 1:30PM-3:00PM

Dance Troupe is an auditioned performance group available to 4th and 5th graders at Baton Rouge Center for Visual and Performing Arts . As a member, students explore various genres of dance and their techniques, while learning choreography to be performed for the student body and other events in the Baton Rouge area. An emphasis is not only put on stage presence and execution of the steps, but also on team cooperation, personal growth, and an overall appreciation of dance.


legends in the making

Sunday 2:10PM-2:25PM

Winter Dance Company is the Home of Legends in the Making, otherwise known as “LiTM”. LiTM, is a Unisex Hip Hop Dance Team that ranges from ages 5-21. The team is under Artistic Director,Winter D. McCray, and Head Coach, as well as Creative Director, and one of the Founders, Janèsa Richardson. Around the world, there are Unisex Dance Teams and Crews, such as the “lil beasts”, and the “Royal Family Dance Crew”, and as of 2015, Legends in the Making became the ONLY Official Unisex Hip Hop Competition, and Performance Team in their age division, right here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The style that the team focuses on is traditional Hip Hop, such as the dance styles displayed on America’s Best Dance Crew.


Playmakers of Baton Rouge

Sunday, 2:45PM-3:20PM

Bring your young actors and join Playmakers teaching artists for an hour of creative play!  


Knock Knock on the Amazon

Saturday and Sunday

Knock Knock Textile Mash-Up 

Join us as we explore a rainbow woven world celebrating the colors, patterns, and textures of the Amazon –inspired by the diverse artistic traditions of Brazil, Knock Knock Children’s Museum presents everyday materials in a new inspired way -  families are invited to participate in our collaborative larger than life  woven installation – try out our recycled fabrci outdoor looms, and create unique jewelry that will be surely inspire the inner artist of any age.




Sunday 1:30PM

The BRCVPA's Elementary Choristers and Orchestra and Band Ensembles will be performing traditional South Louisiana Mississippi River Delta music including Cajun, Fiddle, and Jazz.  The Choristers and Recorder/Percussion Club will also entertain us with some lively music from South America. 

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Saturday 2:00pm

Join Miss Trudy on Saturday to explore the art and science of the seasons through stories, songs, and games sprinkled with humor and FUN! With the help of the puppet friends Sheldon the Sheepdog and Frederick the Mouse, Miss Trudy will keep your young children on their toes as they learn about the seasons of the year and all the surprised found in Miss Trudy's Trunk. 

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Saturday 12:00PM & 3:00PM

VOICES OF THE AMAZON: Stories born in the forests of the Amazon River carry spirits and animals and show their understanding of nature as something to be respected and cared for by all.  Calliope Puppets present two tales from this unique place on earth through magical shadow puppets.  In Birth of the Amazon, acts of love and greed entwine to become a source of life for all.  In Maria and the Dolphins, a girl disappears into the magical underwater city of the pink dolphins.