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This visual art exhibition follows elements of Forum 35’s Art Melt but adds a public participation component via a mobile voting app. Patrons will be able to download mobile app, FlowBR, which is unique to the Ebb & Flow Festival, by March 15th, 2019. 

Art Flow will serve as the anchor event for an expanded Ebb & Flow Festival Season, which promotes and celebrates the many cultural events happening in the capital city in March and April. 

Temporary art installations will be displayed in participating venues in an area around downtown Baton Rouge. The public will be able to view the various entries and vote on their favorites over the course of approximately six weeks. A national jury will also judge and award prizes to three finalists. The winners of the juried and public prizes will be announced during the Ebb & Flow Festival weekend, April 6 & 7, 2019, and will continue to be on display through the Baton Rouge Blues Festival on April 13-14, 2019.

440 Fitness- Adrienne Romero- Shoes Series (Captivating)

440 Fitness- Adrienne Romero- Shoes Series (Trapped)

BR General Mid City- Amber LeBlanc- Triumph

Downtown Development- Anne Jarrett- Waiting for a Ride

Downtown Development- Bette Kauffman- Delta Dawn

Visit BR- Bette Kauffman- Oblique

Visit BR- Bette Kauffman- John James Audubon Bridge

Downtown Health & Wellness-Bette Kauffman- Take Flight

Jolie Pearl- Betty Efferson- The Beat Goes On

Jolie Pearl- Betty Efferson- Shake a Tail Feather

Denicola's- Brandi Catoire- Flame of Aine

CARBO Landscape- Brandi Catoire- Decomposition

BR General Mid City- Brandon Lewis- Watch That Bean Juice

West BR Library- Brandon Lewis- Two Sisters

Roly Poly- Brian Boudreaux- Fat Puddle

Jolie Pearl- Brooke Hoogendoorn- #1045

Roly Poly- Cassandra Dillon- Daybreak

Roly Poly- Cassandra Dillon- Breezy

Court Street Cafe- Catherine Stetson- An Evening's Compromise

Roly Poly- Charles Lovell- Nicole Lazard in Single Ladies

Chow Main- Charles Lovell- Lee Watches Zulu

The Heron- Charles Lovell- Chubble on the Roof of Mother in Law Lounge

Contemporain Art Gallery- Chase Mullen- Bounty

Contemporain Art Gallery- Chase Mullen- Adrift

Monochrome- Chase Mullen- Sweet Tooth

Mercer Supply- Cheri D'Albor- #110

Starbuck's- Collin Richie- I Am Black Chitimacha

Denicola's- Craig Berthold- Civilization and the Soul

Denicola's- Craig Berthold- Poe Altar

Denicola's- Craig Berthold- Paradise Altar

Denicola's- Craig Berthold- Nature and Raw Faith

Clary Suba Law- Craig LeBlanc- Rice Festival

Pointe-Marie- Craig LeBlanc- Carnival in the Crescent

Monochrome- David Armentor- Southern Minimalism

Monochrome- David Armentor- New Orleans Color Study

Matherne's- David Armentor- Watermelon Sacrifice

West BR Library- Dixie Taylor- Talk to God

First United Methodist Church- Dixie Taylor- Show Me

Starbuck's- Elizabeth Fussell- Worn

Salad Station- Elizabeth Fussell- Sinking Quietly

Rx to Geaux- Ellen Farrar- Cinclare Sugar Mill

West BR Library- Ellen Farrar- Railroad Tracks

Court Street Cafe- Gene Bachman- Solace

Salad Station- Gene Bachman- New Orleans Trumpet Player

Stroubes- Gene Bachman- It's Too Hot Inside

Capital Park Museum- Herb Roe- Nos jolis temps passés

Capital Park Museum- Herb Roe- Rêve transcendé l'intention

River Center- Herb Roe- Incliner le ciel

CARBO Landscape- Jacob Lagasse- Home

Capital Park Museum- James Flynn- Harriet Tubman - True American Hero

Contemporain Art Gallery- Jason Childers- Soft Glock Meat

Chase North Tower Lobby- Jason Childers- If Only, Just a Dream

Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge- Jason Childers- Deliverance

Chase North Tower Lobby- Jessica Chappuis- Isle of Suz

Monochrome- John Alleyne- Sometimes I Just Sit N Pray

Monochrome- John Alleyne- I am my brother's keeper

LSU MOA- John Alleyne- ... and I am afraid, cause I have no fear.

Rx to Geaux- John Malveto- Full Moon

Hotel Indigo- John Malveto- 123 Dance

Hollywood Casino- John Malveto- Caution Package

BR Area Chamber- John Tarver- Bird of Paradise

Courtyard by Marriott- John Tarver- A Face in the Crowd

Matherne's- John Wax- Funky Junk

BR General Mid City- John Wax- Funky Junk 4

Raising Cane’s River Center- Jonathan “Skinny Dope” Brown- 2 Times

The Heron- Joni Noble- Fiddle 1

Matherne's- Keith Douglas- Jazz Habits

First United Methodist Church- Keith Morris- Basilica di San Marco

First United Methodist Church- Keith Morris- Kicking and Spitting

Denicola's- Kelsey Livingston- Drip

Denicola's- Kelsey Livingston- Collection

Denicola's- Kelsey Livingston- A Window

Pointe Marie- Kerry Curtin- Tiki Tubing

Chow Main- Kevin Babb- 03/03/2018

Downtown Health & Wellness- Kevin Babb- 11/04/2018

Visit BR- BR General Arts in Medicine Patrice Brewer and Patti Bailey- Majestic Spirit

LSU Museum of Art- Leah Hamel- Ripe and Unreqited

Stroube’s- Lesley Guzzardo- St. Lucia

Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge- Lesley Guzzardo- Moonlit Swamp

Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge- Lesley Guzzardo- Electric

Mercer Supply- Loveday Funck- Possibilities

Pointe-Marie- Madison Rolig- Vitreous Counterpoint- Hanging

Pointe-Marie- Madison Rolig- Vitreous Counterpoint - 7

Creative Bloc- Mary Lee Eggart- Wood Ducks

Creative Bloc- Mary Lee Eggart- Yellow-Shafted Flickers

Creative Bloc- Mary Lee Eggart- Quail

Monochrome- Mary Ratcliff- Perceptive Ascension

Hollywood Casino-Naja Isabelle- Your Interpretation

Downtown Development- Randy Roussel- The Staircase at St. Ann

Downtown Development- Randy Roussel- Grand Isle

Watermark- Randy Roussel- Bird Watching

Clary & Suba Law Firm- Rebecca O'Neal- Meandering

Jolie Pearl- Rick Carraway- The Sweet Life

Watermark- Rick Carraway- Portrait No. 5

Courtyard by Marriott- Rick Carraway- Basket Full of Flowers

Hotel Indigo- Ricky O'Brien- Evening on the Dock

West BR Library- Ricky O'Brien- Bayou Black Bear

Watermark- Rob Carpenter- Paths of Moving Points 8/24/18

Salad Station- Rob Carpenter- Paths of Moving Points 12/26/17

Pointe-Marie- Rob Carpenter- Paths of Moving Points 05/02/18

BRPD- Russell Whiting- Migration

First United Methodist Church- Russell Whiting- Scrap Angel

Pointe-Marie- Russell Whiting- Apex

Country Roads- Stan Routh- J.M. White

Country Roads- Stan Routh

Rx to Geaux- Sydney McGraw- Rural Life